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267 Elizabeth Street
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New York, NY 10011
(917) 727-0179
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Top reviews from seamless.com

| 19 ratings | 16 reviews »
    breakfast tacos, corn, chicken soup. it's all good here.
    Written by Brian C. on 2/16/2013 | 17 other reviews | Member since 2008
    Brian C. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Love Love Love. I was not disappointed, I've eaten there many a time and was pleased to get the same food but at home. Delivery was fast (I live about 7 blocks away).
    Written by Jean K. on 2/1/2013 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2009
    Jean K. ordered from here over a year ago.
    It's Tacombi. Those who frequent the Nolita area for great foods should already be familiar with how great their food is. Always top quality; though the prices don't necessarily remind me of an authentic Mexican taco stand, the taste certainly does. As mentioned previously, make sure to get one of their salsa containers to keep in the fridge (get the Habanero one). Very happy to see they are now on Seamless, even though it's nice to get out of the office once in a while and visit them in person.
    Written by Salvatore L. on 1/29/2013 | 4 other reviews | Member since 2012
    Salvatore L. ordered from here over a year ago.
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    Written by Sam F. on 1/23/2013 | 15 other reviews | Member since 2010
    Sam F. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Have ordered from here a number of times and food-wise never been disappointed. The ceviche is a regular item and always enjoyed and highly recommended. Having also sampled virtually every version of taco offered, would recommend all are good and just depending on what may strike your fancy on any given day (though I have become particularly partial to the veracruzana fish and shortrib barbacoa for their unique and fresh ingredients, as well as the huevos con chorizo for more traditional fare). The salsas are also all quite unique and quite good in their own ways, again depending on your preference. And the Agua de Sandia could easily become addicting and also an ordered regular. One star deducted from a perfect five star rating due to unreliable delivery times that have included extreme waits well in excess of an hour, as well as my last ceviche order which had a bag with exactly 3 totopos for the ceviche. Not sure whose bright idea that was, but very dissappointing in light of prior full and fair bag of totopos that had been sent with earlier orders. All in all though, would recommend is well worth a roll of the dice if not in a hurry and have extra chips on hand to supplement just in case need be.
    Written by Michael G. on 3/23/2013 | 20 other reviews | Member since 2011
    Michael G. ordered from here over a year ago.